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What We Do

Keen Point Consulting works with organizations at either a local, regional, state or national level to leverage their core competencies through the following activities: 

  • Assessing an organization’s tangible assets (such as technology, expertise, programs and facilities) and intangible assets (such as patents, licenses, copyrights and other intellectual property)

  • Forming strategies, generating action plans, and implementing these approaches around the market opportunities where these assets can achieve maximum impact


Whether it is in energy, information technology, advanced manufacturing, bioscience or other technology-related sectors, the consulting services and implementation services offered by Keen Point Consulting are focused in the following areas:



Partnerships & Commercialization Support

Collaborative strategies and mechanisms for fostering the commercialization of an organization’s technology innovation(s) into the marketplace:

  • Technology Transfer & Technology Commercialization Services

  • Capacity Building Services (e.g. business plan and market assessments for technology-related businesses)

  • Partnership Development (e.g. Government-University-Industry Partnerships)

Technology-Led Econ. Dev.
Technology-Led Economic Development

Evaluation and design of research/industry assets, facilities and programs to maximize economic and social impact for clients in the following areas:

  • Strategy Development & Industry Cluster Analysis

  • Minority Business Development

  • Incubators/Accelerators/Research Park Development

Science, Technology, Engineering & Math (STEM) Education & Workforce Development
STEM Education & Workforce Dev.

Design and implementation of activities to enhance the STEM workforce and create the greatest economic and societial impact for the stakeholders:

  • Workforce Strategy Development

  • Program Design

  • Program Implementation & Operational support


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